Volunteer Engagement Co-Chair


Staff Partner: HRC Communities and Volunteer Relations Manager


Role Purpose

■ Support the Steering Committee and Steering Committee events and activities through the recruitment, training and recognition of local HRC volunteers

■ Engage more members and allies of the LGBTQ community in HRC’s work

■ Serve as the first point of contact for people who sign up to volunteer on HRC’s website

■ Help facilitate the growth of general volunteers to Subcommittee members

■ Develop volunteers and leaders to help build and sustain an inclusive Steering Committee in their community

■ Provide a connection to volunteers on how their work supports the overall mission and vision of HRC


Major Responsibilities

■ Construct clear goals and action plans for volunteer engagement in their community each fiscal year

■ Respond to requests from those interested in volunteering to assist HRC locally within a reasonable amount of time

■ Recruit volunteers for Steering Committee events and Subcommittees

■ Work closely with Steering Committee members and key staff to carry out duties

■ Maintain and update database of active local volunteers in accordance with guidelines from the HRC List Policy (This is not a database of HRC members, only active, local volunteers).

■ Ensure the appropriate number of volunteers are contacted and attend events

■ Ensure each volunteer has a positive experience with HRC and that they feel valued and are properly thanked/recognized for their service

■ Strive to host at least one volunteer appreciation event per year and one volunteer recruitment event (HRC U/ HRC 101) per year