Steering Committee

The bedrock of HRC’s volunteer structure is its Steering Committees. These volunteer-led, community-based teams are made up of LGBTQ people and allies for equality from all walks of life. Each Steering Committee consists of specific Subcommittees (Examples of this include Federal Club, Gala Committee, Membership Outreach/Engagement, etc.) and is led by Steering Committee Co-chairs, a two-person team, of which one or both volunteers are members of the Board of Governors (the national Board of volunteers that serve as leaders in their respective communities). HRC’s Directors and Governors are integral members of the Steering Committees and are accountable for the overall health and success of these communities.=

Brooke Bishop
Steering Committee Co-Chair

HRC Board of Governors

Stef Borg
Federal Club & Community Engagement

HRC Board of Governors

Jen Bowden
Gala Silent Auction Chair
Craig Diaz
Volunteer Relations/Engagement

HRC Board of Governors

Michael McDonnell
Scott Morrison
Densil Porteous
Steering Committee Co-Chair

HRC Board of Governors

Cheryl Rose
Federal Club Council/Major Donor

HRC Board of Directors

HRC Foundation Board of Directors

George Schein
Corporate Partnerships & Gala
Daniel White
Corporate Partnerships
Tim Kasper
Digital Communications