Federal Club Co-Chair

Federal Club Co-Chairs must be Federal Club members themselves.

(At least one Co-chair should be a current member of the Board of Governors)

Staff Partner: Federal Club Associate Directors


Role Purpose

■ Build a strong and vibrant HRC Federal Club in your community — develop, recruit, retain, upgrade, plan, manage and build membership at annual pledge levels from $1,200 to $4,999

■ Plan and manage quarterly HRC Federal Club events with a political and social focus to educate and maintain a diverse membership

■ Build and manage a strong Federal Club Subcommittee with Federal Club volunteers

■ Develop methods for continuous donor stewardship

■ Build a succession plan for local Federal Club Subcommittee and develop ongoing new leadership


Major Responsibilities

■ Use best practice strategies and resources to fulfill the purpose and achieve annual goals

■ Attend bi-monthly conference calls (when possible) and work closely with Staff to ensure quarterly goals are met.

■ Actively participate in Federal Club Training Track at HRC’s Spring Equality Convention (strongly encouraged) to meet with and learn from other FC Co-chairs, review best practices, and learn more about HRC as a whole

■ Develop an annual work plan to manage membership activities and achieve both budget goals and program objectives

■ Develop prospecting strategy to meet new member goals by building a strong prospect list; work regularly with volunteer leaders on the Steering Committee and Federal Club Subcommittee to review, update and assign volunteers to make and close “asks”

■ Develop and implement a viable retention and upgrade strategy based on annual goals

■ Measure results and communicate to local leadership and Federal Club staff

■ Educate both new Federal Club members and all members with updates of HRC’s work

■ Work with Federal Club Staff, as well as Local Dinner Committee and Board Leadership, to coordinate “Federal Club Pitch” to recruit, renew and upgrade members at annual dinner events