Dinner/Gala Co-Chair


Staff Partner: Events Manager


Role Purpose

■ Serves as the primary point of contact for the event with the HRC staff and with the dinner committee

■ Responsible for setting the direction of the event, selection and leadership of the Subcommittee chairs and committee members, and actively partner with the Event Manager, Board Members, and Steering Committee to make the event a success

■ Monitor the progress of each aspect of the event to ensure that the event timeline and goals are being met


Major Responsibilities

■ Maintain regular communication, collaboration and partnership with HRC Events Manager

■ Set and run regular committee meetings

■ Provide detailed expense budget to Events Manager for approval prior to submitting any expense requests

■ Oversee all aspects of the event, ensuring its financial success (measured by delivering the budgeted net income)

■ Develop concise evening program in collaboration with Events Manager and Board Liaison