Digital Communications Co-Chair


Staff Partner: Communities & Volunteer Relations Assistant


Role Purpose:

■ To support, maintain and represent the virtual presence of the Steering Committee’s activities accurately and ethically.

■ To coordinate with all steering committee program co-chairs providing support as needed for event, membership and volunteer involvement and promotion.


Major Responsibilities

■ Responsible for editing, uploading, and updating news, photo, and event content for their Steering Committee web page, i.e.

■ Responsible for coordinating with Steering Committee members to ensure events are accurate and up to date, and that photos are taken for display on Steering Committee web page

■ Manage social media accounts for Steering Committee: post timely and on-message posts (can base off national accounts), emphasize local impact when re-purposing national posts, and use accounts to promote local Steering Committee events and engage with supporters at local level

■ Using HRC staff as resources, learn to utilize web content management software for uploading and updating content

■ Regularly review all of the content on Steering Committee page

■ Ensure on a monthly to bi-monthly basis that the Steering Committee page is vibrant and accurate, with new stories and photos displaying the work of the committee

■ Work with Steering Committee Subcommittee Co-chairs to publicize local activities and events through news stories, event postings and photos

■ Communicate regularly with HRC staff to maintain current information and correct contacts for volunteer

■ Ensure that Steering Committee Subcommittee Co-chairs are listing local webpage address on all invitations and official communications